Mexico plans upgrade for train used by migrants to get to US

The government of Mexico has announced a plan to modernise the freight railway that runs through the country in an effort to discourage Central American migrants from riding the trains on their way to the US border.

The 6,000m peso (£275m) project includes purchasing 12 satellite-monitored vehicles to run ahead of the trains and relay information about what lies along the track, which is traditionally lined with groups of migrants waiting to board as it trundles by. It could also include replacing large sections of track to increase speed and make jumping on more difficult.

The government says the plan is designed to protect the migrants.Hundreds have died or lost limbs in bungled attempts to board the train – popularly known as the Beast – or after going to sleep and falling off. Some have been pushed off by criminal gangs who roam the route. Rapes are common.

"The first objective is to prevent migrants from putting themselves at risk by using a cargo train that is not meant for passengers," Humberto Mayans, the official in charge of the plan, told reporters.

He also promised action to "combat and eradicate the criminal groups who attack their rights".

Migrant rights activists, however, say the plan will make matters worse. They say faster trains will mean more accidents for those who still try to board, and tighter controls will leave others ever more at the mercy of the organised criminal smuggling networks. These are already notorious for mass kidnappings and massacres.
I am not sure this is a real answer.  What Mexico needs to do is get control of its southern border so there will not be people in a  position to jump on the train.  It is a much smaller border than the US faces with Mexico and should not be that hard to control.


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