State Department ignores the obvious about ISIL

Red States:
In the formulation used by Obama and Harf, it doesn’t matter what ISIS/ISIL says, never mind that they have something approaching 20,000 active fighters in the field, have routed the Iraqi Army and announced a caliphate that extinguishes the national boundaries set by the Sykes-Picot Agreement. Never mind that they’ve announced the intention to bring their violence to America. They can’t be at war with us because we won’t let them. Harf, in particular, gives hardworking and diligent imbeciles everywhere a bad name. Just because they have declared war on all manner of other people doesn’t mean they can’t declare war on us, too. I mean the Japanese and Germans did that in 1939-41.
This reaction is more than passing strange.  These people are blood thirsty religious bigots and we should take them at their word.  They are at war with everyone to does not share their weird religious beliefs and that includes the US.


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