Prince Harry has the support of 13,000 naked soldiers

Scores of soldiers and their wives are risking Army anger by stripping off and saluting to show support for Prince Harry, and posting the pictures on Facebook.

As our troops get naked to copy Army comrade Prince Harry's nude Vegas party pose, their wives and girlfriends are getting in on the act too.

They are borrowing their boys' uniforms and performing 'naked salutes' either totally nude or in varying states of undress.

They are among over 13,000 who have joined a military Facebook group called 'Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute'.

Several declared themselves terrified about baring themselves in public - but determined to send their message of support for Harry.
There are several photos at the link above.  I think the reaction to the exposure is over blown.  There should be larger concerns with the British military which is being stripped of its fighting assets because the country is spending too much on social programs and not enough on national security.


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