Obama does not have a ground game advantage

Gov. Rick Perry:
The most enthusiasm about this election is not coming from labor unions, paid volunteers or even traditional political party organizations. It’s coming from the Tea Party.

This grass-roots movement is made up of people from across the country who are sick and tired — some might say “fed up” — of seeing Washington fail, time and time again, to address the very real problems facing our nation.

This movement is drawing its energy from the very principles upon which our nation was founded: economic liberty, limited government and freedom. These principles, which do not seem to be shared by President Obama, must be restored to our national vocabulary if we are to restore America.

Don’t think they’re going to play a major role in this election? You haven’t been paying attention. Tea Party candidates across the country have scored upset victories, including Ted Yoho in Florida, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, and, in my home state, Ted Cruz. All ran strong, well-organized campaigns fueled by a non-establishment, anti-Washington message.

Inspired by one fiscal calamity after another at the hands of the Obama administration and its allies in Congress, Tea Party conservatives are ready to make their voices heard, loud and clear, in November. Add in the fact that Mitt Romney selected budget hawk Rep. Paul Ryan to join him on the ticket, and what once was a growing roar has elevated instantly to supersonic levels.

It’s important to remember that what has everyone excited about Mr. Ryan and like-minded conservatives isn’t the one-liners or political stagecraft. It’s a clear vision of fiscal responsibility that will help us begin the climb out of the financial hole we’ve dug for ourselves.
There is more.

The Tea Party and groups like AFP will push a strong ground game that match with the enthusiasm of voting against Obama and democrats should help push Romney-Ryan over the finish line ahead of Obama-Biden.  While some are talking about Obama's vaunted ground game, he is working with dispirited voters who know he has failed to live up to his promises.


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