Biden seems unaware that GM, Chrysler did go bankrupt

Fox News:
With Mitt Romney trying to slingshot out of the Republican National Convention, Democrats are hard at work trying to set the stage for Charlotte, N.C. -- where they're about to kick off their weeklong tribute to the Obama-Biden ticket.

The race is on, with each side hitting the ground in the days between the conventions, and the matchup Friday was between the No. 2s on the tickets.

After a three-day blitz of speeches that portrayed Romney as a businessman who can free the markets and produce millions of jobs, Vice President Biden used a stop at an Ohio auto workers union hall to pan the GOP candidate as bad for business and bad for blue-collar workers.

"What (Republicans) didn't acknowledge is Governor Romney's position was 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,'" Biden said, referring to Romney's opposition to the auto industry bailout under President Obama.

Biden and the rest of the Obama campaign have kept up a drumbeat of criticism since Thursday night to try undercutting any momentum Romney might gain out of the convention's cavalcade of endorsers and his own nomination address.

Biden said of the GOP ticket's economic plan, "it's not new, it's not fair, it's not right."

The vice president, engaging his Republican counterpart, went on to criticize GOP running mate Paul Ryan for mentioning in his Wednesday night speech in Tampa that a GM plant closed after Obama, as a presidential candidate, visited it in 2008.

While the statement was technically true, Biden noted the plant in Ryan's hometown of Janesville "actually closed while President Bush was still in office."
An honest fact checker Would find much to ridicule in Biden's statement.  Clearly GM and Chrysler did go bankrupt and the main difference in how it was handled was the corrupt way Obama repaid the UAW for their support while he screwed non union employees and many Republican owned dealerships.

Biden is also in error on the Janesville GM plant.  One of its line did shut down in December of 2008, but the medium duty truck line continue to operate into the early months of the Obama administration.  Besides, what Obama pledged was to reopen the lines with vehicles more to his liking.  That is the promise he failed to keep and that is what Ryan was talking about.

Biden continues to be a treasure of misinformation.  Paul Ryan will show well in any contest with him.

BTW, don't be surprised if the "Fact Checkers" ignore his statements.  That would be inconsistent with the narrative they are pushing.


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