Misplaced outrage over book by SEAL on bin Laden raid


The indignation about "No Easy Day" was stirred because the author violated the supposed SEAL code of secrecy. Mr. Bissonnette will have to straighten out his personal relationship with his former comrades, many of whom are no doubt disappointed by his project. But that code of silence has not prevented a flood of SEAL books over the past two decades. The dozen best-selling SEAL-written books on Amazon.com, including "Lone Survivor" and "American Sniper," along with the film "Act of Valor," may have given our enemies a detailed understanding of SEAL procedures, but also a healthy respect for their skills. 
Mr. Bissonnette's critics in the armed forces and media would do well to distinguish between one warrior who was on the front lines, writing about what he experienced, and the leaks about military matters that have been coming from the top of our government. The written law and the moral burden of protecting the nation have been violated in a much more extreme fashion by the inner council of President Obama, resulting in the severe compromise of methods and sources.
One American official provided exquisite details about how the U.S. collaborated with Israel to launch cyber attacks that destroyed Iranian centrifuges. Iran later arrested several technicians, accusing them of collaboration with the Americans. 
In the case of Osama bin Laden, the White House leaked so many details of the raid that a Pakistani doctor was later sentenced to 33 years in prison for helping to locate the al Qaeda leader. The administration even allowed a Hollywood crew to visit the White House to replicate details for an upcoming movie. Early reports indicate that Mr. Bissonnette's version of events contradicts some of those details, including when exactly bin Laden was first shot and whether he was armed.
They are right.  It is disturbing that these disclosures were made, and it is even more disturbing that they appear to have been made in the service of imparting some sort of heroic image of the President.  Obama has expressed general concern about the disclosures, but has failed to show any willingness to find the leakers and have them prosecuted.  Because of that what was perceived as a strength now looks like something else.


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