The latest Brit "confession" to Mum

Scrappleface parody:


“On direct orders from Prime Minister Tony Blair,” said Ms. Turney, “my mates and I were about to hit the beaches in southwestern Iran. From there our orders were to drive directly to the heart of Tehran and raise the Union Jack, claiming Iran as a British colony.”

The confession, contained in a note to her Mum, also indicated that the 15 British seapersons were “eager to reclaim the heathen land of Persia for the Christians and Jews.”

H'mmm. No wonder the Ayatollahs were distressed by the "invasion." Hopefully we can get them out before the full knowledge of the scheme is revealed. I'm pretty sure they do not read Scott Ott's blog or this one. You know if the Brits would engage in this kind of ridicule of the Iranian abuse of the Geneva Conventions it might take the fun out of the Iranian misconduct.


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