More Saudi Comments on Root Causes of Terror Attacks

Arab NewsCommentary:

"Did last week’s bombings in Riyadh come as a surprise? Those who know what our children are being taught about Islam, their teachers and the kind of ideas they are constantly fed were not surprised. Those who listen to cassette recordings — which in reality have no basis in Islam — and believe what is said in the recordings were not surprised. Those who listen to what is often said at Friday sermons were not surprised. Those who know how people who follow different schools of thought are ridiculed and treated with contempt were not surprised.

"Any person who digs into the root causes of last week’s explosions and the resulting death and destruction will not be shocked at what actually happened. The implications of those tragic events, which involved the smuggling of weapons into our country, will be far-reaching and spread to all levels."

Little Green Footballs finds some fellow traveler in Arabia.


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