Digital warriors

Den Beste has a good analysis of vulnerabilities and responses to them in the use of digital technology in modern warfare. One thing he does not address is the problem of "chip frying." One of the weapons the US hinted at prewar was a cruise missile that could destroy enemy computer chips and make their communications and some of their weapons inoperable. A crude beam weapon could be used in anti aircraft defense to knock out the preceision capabilities of US aircraft. It could also be used to make communication with troops more difficult.

One of the advantages the US has right now is the cost of sophisticacted weapons systems makes them virtually unavailable to potential adversaries. Because Osama can't build JDAMs and has no means of delivering them, he has to rely on human bombs which are relatively cheap but not inexhaustible. The Morocco attacks is a case in point where one of his human bombs did not explode and has been a rich resource for Moroccan officials looking for fellow conspirators. The acts of self destruction are killing his people and destroying his network.


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