Left Wing Brit Paper Blames Bush For Oklahoma Education Spending

George Bush is responsible for the largest increase in Federal spending on education ever. But the article from the Guardian does not mention this fact. Instead, it claims tht money spent on national security has taken away from schools. Typical of left wing thinking, it is critical of federalism, which makes states responsible for certain government functions, like education. No wonder the Brits have such a poor education system. The article does not mention that Britain is having some of the same problems with education spending that Oklahoma is, and it is led by a liberal government that cannot blame George Bush for their lack of funds.

The headline says Bush makes poor pay for spending on national security. There are two things wrong with this assertion. In the US the poor pay nothing in federal income taxes--nothing. It is also an example of what is wrong with liberal and socialist thinking that has made Europe so weak. They view expenditures for national security as taking money from the charity they want to give to the non producers. By failing to adequately fund nationial security, these countries cannot contribute to their own defense in times of crises.


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