Bush Puts EU On Defensive About GM Food

Europe's ban on genetically modified food is causing hunger in Africa, President Bush said.

"In a speech that the White House said would put forward what aides called a positive agenda that would show a far softer side to American foreign policy, Mr. Bush insisted that widened use of 'high-yield bio-crops' would greatly increase agricultural productivity in some of the poorest nations.

"'Yet our partners in Europe are impeding this effort,' he said, clearly meaning France and Germany, though he named no countries. 'They have blocked all new bio-crops because of unfounded, unscientific fears.'

"The result, he charged, was that African nations that fear being shut out of European markets are not investing in the technology. He appeared to be referring to countries like Uganda and Namibia."

This challenge to Euro paranoia over food coupled with concern over hunger in Africa is a cllassic example of putting opponents on the defensive while pushing for a result beneficial to US agricultural interest.


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