The death of liberal America

A Brit looks at liberal america.

"A professor of history from Yale, who I happened to sit next to on one of my inter-city flights, told me he was earnestly praying for a dreadful downturn in the American economy. 'Otherwise we are stuck with this administration for the next five years and I don't know what damage that is going to do to America's standing in the world.'"

A party whose only idea for achieving power is to wish ill upon the country they hope to rule is pretty sick. The idea that the US war against terror and the liberation of Iraq have damaged the US standing in the world shows how out of touch liberals are. The benefits of this foreign policy has alrady moved intractable enemies like India and Pakistan, and Isreal and the Palestinians to talk of peace. It has put pressure on the angry ayatollahs of Iran to reform or suffer a regime change. The North Koreans are quickly losing markets for their missiles and bimbs. They are also under intense pressure from their only friend--China.

The liberals tendacity to blame the US just will not sell. Even the Saudis have figured out that the root cause of terrorism is not the US but, what their young people are being told in schools and the mosque.


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