Al Qaeda Is Spending Its Men and Blowing Its Networks

The latest attacks are not working even in anti US papers like the Guardian.

"Supposed spokesmen of al-Qaida may make grandiose claims that they outwitted the Americans, waiting until after the war to strike. Behind such vanity and posturing there may well be a degree of desperation. Even with the Americans in Iraq, and with much deplorable mismanagement evident in that country, there is no sign so far that American occupation can be made into the pivot of a successful campaign by the extremists, as they clearly hope. Their actions this month make that less rather than more likely.

"There remains the dismal possibility that they will get lucky and that one of their operations will come off with truly cataclysmic, rather than merely dreadful, effect. But the picture otherwise is that, country by country, these groups are blowing their networks, spending their young men, waking up security establishments, and losing public sympathy."


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