Democrats try pulling a Bolten from the blue to reset their farce of an impeachment

Washington Post:
President’s lawyers largely ignore uproar, focus attacks on Bidens

The president’s team of lawyers pressed their case that he did nothing wrong in withholding aid to Ukraine but key moderate Republican senators say disclosures from John Bolton’s manuscript strengthen the case for hearing from more witnesses.
The media continues to look for a distraction to cover up Biden's alleged corruption and the Democrat Deep State upchucked something that is allegedly in Bolten's book.  It is really irrelevant and demonstrates what a sloppy job Democrats did in making their case for their coup attempt.  It is a sign of the desperation of the Democrats and the media that they are pushing this story from a guy they hate.   The lawyers did address the irrelevancy of the Bolten story in their argument.  It still does not make an ordinary interaction for aid an impeachable offense even if it were true.

What we are seeing is desperation from the Trump haters in Congress and in the media over something of minor to no importance.  If the Democrats had not done such a half-ass job of preparing their case they could have gone to the effort to call him as a witness in the House.  If he were really critical to their case, they should have done what it takes to get him to testify in the House.


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