Socialist feel threatened by Marine vet running for Congress?

Joe Messina:
Harrison Floyd, a patriotic Marine veteran running as a Republican for Congress from Georgia, has said he intends to fight socialism and is now being attacked by leftists who falsely claimed he threatened Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with actual gunfire.

“I’m a fourth-generation military veteran, and a former United States Marine,” he said in a video announcing his candidacy. “I’m running for Congress because my family and I didn’t fight for our freedoms to allow our country to fall to socialism.”

“I’ll fight socialists in Congress the same way I fought terrorists in the desert. So help me God,” he added.

Floyd’s video highlighted his three tours as a machine gunner and his family, which has served in the U.S. military for four generations.

But Democrat opponent Carolyn Bourdeaux, naturally, thinks this man’s service is a bad thing and accused him of being aggressive and violent.

“Violence has absolutely no place in our public discourse, and I denounce this abhorrent video in the strongest possible terms,” she said on Twitter. “This message doesn’t represent GA values and for Harrison Floyd to enter this race by inciting violence is wrong.”
Some even accused him of threatening AOC.  I think the only threat he poses to those frightened by his message is political.  I think a lot of Americans whill support a patriotic message.  The suggestion of the Democrats that he is threatening violence is preposterous on its face.


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