Democrats' phony cries of racism

Steve Cortes:
Again, none of these advancements prove that racism does not exist in our imperfect world. But the reality of present-day America totally contradicts the propaganda scare tactics of race hustlers in the media and politics. Those activists want us to fear racists around every corner and Klansmen under every bed. In actuality, a roundup all of the neo-Nazis and KKK members in America would scarcely fill a high school gymnasium. For example, linking to a news story about a white supremacist rally over the Memorial Day weekend in Dayton, Ohio, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out, “I don’t recognize my country anymore.” The collection of degenerate racists that so worried Ms. Milano: a grand total of nine hateful malcontents seeking attention.

Why, then, does the left insist on this racist smear? First, they view minority communities as political captives. For example, Donald Trump’s comparative success in 2016 among Hispanics, besting Mitt Romney’s Latino vote percentage from 2012, enraged activist liberals. Since taking office, Trump’s popularity among Hispanics has soared, per recent polling. Hispanic citizens, it seems, care far more about Trump’s growth agenda accelerating wage gains and small business growth rather than the false narrative that he dislikes brown people. But in response, the liberal outrage propaganda apparatus shifts into higher gear, attempting to both scare minorities and shame whites into turning away from the allegedly racist Republicans.

Instead of fear-mongering, progressives might well consider some introspection and policy reforms, because the track record of Democrats in actually enhancing the prosperity and well-being of Americans of color reveals abject failure. For example, in my home city of Chicago, where the Democratic Party has exerted near total political control for almost a century, a staggering 47% of young black men age 20-24 are neither in school nor employed, per a University of Illinois study.

But rather than address policies that actually work for minorities, 2020 Democratic hopefuls like South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg would rather cast aspersions. When the Washington Post asked him on Thursday if President Trump is racist, Mayor Pete responded: “If you do racists things, and say racist things, the question of whether that makes you a racist is almost academic.”

When I press such Trump attackers on television to actually produce evidence of his racism, they normally default to two topics: Charlottesville and the border. Regarding the tragic incidents of Charlottesville in 2017, as I have documented, President Trump never called neo-Nazis “very fine people” and, in reality, he “totally condemned” the supremacists who attended. On immigration, enforcing our borders and protecting American citizens is not bigoted, as our nation is not a race, and in fact is full of incredible diversity, among both native-born and legal immigrant citizens. Moreover, the American citizens who suffer the worst consequences of lax policies on illegal immigration are actually black and brown Americans who face totally preventable crime from dangerous illegal aliens and must compete with unfair, illegal competition in labor markets.

If the howling activists like Jeff Daniels and Alyssa Milano want to sincerely effect material change to improve the lives of minorities in America, they should follow the lead of fellow celebrity Kim Kardashian, who funds a team of lawyers that uses President Trump’s landmark prison reform First Step Act of 2018 to free nonviolent offenders from lengthy or lifetime prison sentences. Many of the 17 ex-inmates released so far by her efforts are minorities, with many more to come.
I think the President is continuing to gain support in both the Hispanic community and in the black community.  One recent poll found Trump with 30 percent support in the black community.  That is more than three times the support he had in the 2016 election and it demonstrates his success in improving the job prospects for minorities and the failure of Democrat lies to keep these people on their plantation.   While I have never been a fan of the Kardashians, it appears that they are much more intelligent that Daniels and Milano.


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