Deep state which politicized intelligence in coup attempt against the President worried about what Barr may reveal

Washington Post:
Barr could politicize intelligence with review of Russia probe, officials fear

An executive order gave the the attorney general broad authority to disclose classified intelligence.
The Post is now deep state central as they continue to leak in an attempt to thwart the President and a search for justice against those involved in the coup attempt.  This sounds like a Brennan leak.  He is a guy who has been accused of lying to push his agenda.  He certainly made false statements about the Russian collusion hoax.

Streiff points out:
Anyone with a speck of sense knows that there are no sources and methods at risk here. There are no lives at stake. This is a banal case of political espionage combined with political dirty tricks that went viral. There are no agents in foreign countries at risk here…at least I don’t think the Brits are going to disappear Halper and Downer and Misfud over this. And if using the opposition research material paid for by the Clinton campaign based on uncorroborated rumors gathered from an enemy of our country is classified as either a source or method, then the IC is a lot more screwed up than even I had given them credit for.


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