Pelosi's screw up

Mark Penn:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., missed her “Profiles in Courage” moment Thursday, adding “villainous” to her laundry list of accusations against President Trump. Rather than stand firm against her caucus and move the country forward, she caved and started to call the assertion of executive privilege a “cover-up.”

Pelosi might oppose it and might fight it in the courts, but it’s no cover-up. It’s a clear and legally appropriate message that enough is enough.

Remember that there were already multiple all-out congressional investigations over the last two years in addition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller issuing 2,800 subpoenas, interviewing 500 witnesses and ordering 280 interceptions of communications while employing 40 FBI agents and 19 lawyers.

America cannot operate this way. Hounding presidents with investigations cannot become a substitute for elections. I did not believe it in 1998 when President Bill Clinton was impeached and I don’t believe it now.

Americans routinely vote for a divided government and so if this is not stopped it will grind down our ability to govern at all, which is precisely the goal of many pushing this approach.

We are a nation based on orderly elections and transfer of power. We are based on the equal application of our laws and not allowing legislatures to single out individuals and families for persecution.

Those in Congress who are continuing this effort may score some points with a frenzied base. But I believe those who are engaged on a one-sided, unrestrained effort to violate the rights of political opponents will, as in 1998 when Republicans lost seats after their impeachment battle against Clinton, pay a price in 2020.

They will pay an even heavier price to history when Americans look back on this period and say that our intelligence operations and media deliberately whipped up the public over Russia collusion crimes that never existed. And Congress, it seems, has not learned the lessons of 1868 or even 1998.
The Democrats as a whole appear to have lost their composure.   They seem to be ever more desperate and Trump's policies appear to be working.  They letting their emotions overwhelm their common sense.


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