Nancy Pelosi's ridiculous allegation of a cover up without a crime

NY Times:

Nancy Pelosi, Trying to Walk a Middle Path, Accuses Trump of a ‘Cover-Up’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusation was intended to slow the building momentum toward opening an impeachment inquiry among Democrats, but it set off the president.
It is hard to call a false charge of a cover-up without a stated crime a "Middle Path."  The entire Democrat caucus seems to be bereft of smart lawyers.  Nadler is a disaster with transparently stupid contempt charge against Attorney General Barr for not producing redacted material it would be illegal for him to produce.  You would think with all the lawyers on the Judiciary Committee there would be at least one who knows that.  The Nadler follows up that disgrace by showing his ignorance of executive privilege by trying to subpoena the President's lawyer.

The Democrats then follow up those fiascos by falsely accusing the President of a "cover-up" of what.  The Democrats started down this trail by pushing the Russian collusion hoax for which there was zero evidence.  They seem to be going from one bad faith case to the next. 


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