Democrats claims that walls don't work is bogus

Jack Hellner:
Frequently when President Trump says something, the media follow his statements with three words: "with no evidence." For example: He says there are criminals and terrorists in the caravan and they say that he has no evidence, even though there is plenty of evidence from government agencies.

Yet when Democrats frequently say walls don't work, I never see the words "with no evidence" following the statement. It appears to me that journalists never seek examples and when they know that barriers do work.

For Example:
  • Prisons have walls to keep criminals in and unwanted people out. 
  • Lawmakers make laws to require fences around pools (on penalty of civil liability) to make them safe. Why would they do that if barriers don't work?
  • Forts have walls and gates. 
  • Gated communities have barriers to keep unwanted people out. Many of the rich who have barriers protecting their homes pretend they are welcoming to all. 
  • The White House has a fence. 
  • Movie studios have gates and security to prevent unwanted people from coming in for secrecy and safety yet many Hollywood elite want open borders. 
  • Castles had moats and walls. 
  • Israel has a barrier that works. 
  • The Vatican has a wall. 

If walls don't work, why did the Berlin Wall have to come down to give people access and freedom?

Nancy Pelosi says it is immoral to have the wall as if she is an expert on morality. Jerusalem had a wall during Jesus time.
The Democrat position on border security makes no sense.  they want to substitute detection systems for a way, but detection systems are worthless unless you also have the manpower in position to apprehend the person trying to sneak in.  At that point then you then have to take care of them until they get a hearing and are removed.  A wall or fence makes much more sense because it is not only a deterrent, but it makes coming here illegally much more difficult.  In the areas where the US has a fence or a wall, it has resulted in fewer crossings and decreased crime.


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