Unsubstantiated claims of losing healthcare coverage effecting attitudes toward Obamacare

NY Times:

They Hated the Health Law — Until the Idea of Repeal

Sentiment in a Pennsylvania county has tracked with a national shift in opinion about Obamacare amid fears that millions could lose coverage.
The goofy CBO numbers and the scare headlines in the media are having an effect on people's opinions about Obamacare.  It is still a very bad law that has harmed millions.  The allegations of lost coverage appear to be grossly misleading.  There only roughly nine million people who have purchased Obamacare through the exchanges, yet the people who will supposedly love coverage are estimated at around 30 million.  The math does not add up.

Most people still have employer provided healthcare which is not effected by the reform legislation.  Those with coverage by government programs are also largely uneffected.  The numbers don't make sense.  In addition, the Health and Human Services Department estimates that the Cruz amendment actually increases coverage by two million.


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