Pipeline to bring large volume of water to fracking wells

Fuel Fix:
The Houston water well company Layne Christensen has laid its last segments of 22-inch polyethylene pipe in the Delaware Basin, and is just days from opening its 20-mile pipeline to oil and gas operators here.

The Delaware, the southern lobe of the prolific Permian Basin, is a desert, full of thorny mesquite trees and pesky agave lechuguilla — also called shin daggers — a cactus that trips up horses and pierces skin. Oil and gas companies must find water here for hydraulic fracturing operations to work.

Layne, based in The Woodlands, has landed some big fish as its first customers.
This is an interesting development in what can be a water scarce region of Texas.  It is another example of how production from fracking wells is becoming more efficient.  They are already producing fracking sand locally rather than bringing it in on rail cars from the Northern US.


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