Taking President Trump's sarcasm too seriously?

Washington Post:
U.S. police chiefs blast Trump for endorsing ‘police brutality’

Police departments across the country moved quickly to denounce President Trump's comments condoning “roughing up” people who have been arrested.
During the campaign, Trump made a joke about Hillary Clinton's missing emails by suggesting the Russian hackers could find the ones she attempted to destroy.  Democrats and the media saw this joke as some kind of admission of "collusion."  I thought it was a pretty clever way of pointing out her illegal destruction of evidence that was under a subpoena.

I suspect that what Trump was talking about in this case was his support for a more vigorous prosecution of a brutal gang.  But the media and his political enemies are always eager to interpret his remarks in a way to make him look "out of control."  It is one of the downsides to his unscripted style.


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