Liberal hostility toward the Boy Scouts takes a new twist after Trump speech

Washington Post:
A Boy Scout jamboree. A controversial Trump speech. And the backlash that followed.

The president’s speech prompted an outcry from many current and former Scouts and their families, who said Trump’s remarks were inappropriate and undermined efforts to diversify and modernize the century-old organization.
Liberals have been at war with the Boy Scouts ever since they rejected gay scout leaders.  Some even compared Trump's speech and its reception to Hitler.  What is it about liberals who keep comparing the President to Hitler?  Hitler was a socialist who killed millions of Jews.  Trump is a capitalist whose family includes Jews whom he has placed in his administration.

This looks like the typical overreaction of some to the President and those who support him.  Obama largely ignored the Scouts when he was President and did not personally appear at any of their jamborees.  Trump shows up and gets a warm reception from thousands of future voters and all of a sudden its a problem?


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