The women who killed healthcare reform

NY Times:

The 3 Republican Women Who Doomed a Senate Repeal of the Health Law

Senators Shelley Moore Capito, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins shared objections to Medicaid cuts, but also had concerns specific to their states.
To make matters worse Capito and Murkowski even refused to support the same repeal bill they voted for two years ago.  It suggests they have been lying about their opposition to the most hated law in history all along.   This opposition is unlikely to be forgotten if they stand for reelection.

The fraudulent claim that there were Medicaid cuts is also maddening.  They are siding with the Democrat fraud that slowing the growth while increasing the net amount of money spent is a cut.  This is a long standing fraud Democrats have used to grow government spending.  Congress should outlaw the "current services" budget mechanism that is used to perpetrate this fraud on the tax payers.

Ther is already considerable blowback against all those who killed the repeal and replace bill.  There will be ample funding for primary challenges to all of them.  I don't hear anyone saying that this is going to make them vote for Democrats instead.


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