Rush--Obamacare is like cable where they make you pay for something you don't want or need

Rush Limbaugh:
RUSH: Well, you know, you may have performed an experiment which proves that point. Let me ask you what… Is the clip that you played for them my comparison of bare-bones, stripped-down cable coverage and comparing that to health care and how both make sense?

CALLER: That’s exactly right.

RUSH: And that resonated with ’em?

CALLER: It really did.

RUSH: See? I knew it. I knew it would. I knew it would. ‘Cause they hate cable, and when you accurately explain what’s bad about cable and why they dislike it; then say, “It’s the same thing that’s going on in health care. They’re making you buy things you don’t need and would never buy on your own,” it had to click. Well, I really owe you big time. I’m happy to give you that iPhone since you took the time to do that.
That is an interesting comparison.  It strikes at the heart of the mandate issue and it demonstrates how popular Ted Cruz's consumer freedom agenda will be if Republicans pass it.


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