Housing social experiment of placing the poor in wealthy neighborhoods has not worked

NY Times:

Housing Aid Does Little to End America’s Racial Divide

  • In Houston and in other cities, efforts to build low-income homes in wealthy, majority white areas have stalled.
  • The Times found that in the biggest metropolitan cities, low-income housing projects that use federal tax credits are built more often in minority neighborhoods.
There are examples in Houston where Section Eight multifamily housing units were placed in more prosperous neighborhoods and all they did was produce a pocket of poverty and blight in those neighborhoods and increase the crime rate.  They lower the value of the surrounding neighborhoods.  It gives the impression that the Democrats are at war with the middle class and with the free market in housing.

This is not to say that they should all be built in minority neighborhoods, but they should be built in neighborhoods where the economy of the users matches the rest of the neighborhood.  That way they can also attract people who are native to the area.


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