High schooler calls Sec. of Defense Mattis and gets the interview of a lifetime

The Islander:

Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander

After obtaining his contact information through its accidental exposure by the Washington Post, The MIHS Islander contacted Secretary of Defense James Mattis for an interview. Two companion pieces to this article, a description and reflection on the experience of getting and conducting the interview as well as a feature on the connection between education and radicalization according to Mattis, have been published online.
This is a remarkable interview by Teddy Fischer.  It is better than most I have seen by more seasoned reporters.   Mattis starts out by stressing the importance of history to endeavors large and small in both the military and other aspects of life.  It is a long piece but well worth your time and would also be great for young people in school.

Mattis has a huge collection of history books on warfare that he has moved around the country as he was transferred from one post to another.  In that regard, he is somewhat like George Patton.  This compilation of Patton's study is also fascinating:
21st Century Patton: Strategic Insights for the Modern Era
One of the interesting aspects of Patton's relentless study of history is what a struggle it was for him to read anything because he was dyslexic.  Some of the books he had his wife read to him and he kept note cards and marginal references in his books on points he thought important.  Even his larger than life personality was a product of some of the things he had read about leadership.


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