Fracking sand business continues to grow as drillers are using 20 times more sand per well

Fuel Fix:
Oil prices may remain weak, but business is booming for oil in Texas shale plays, especially in West Texas' Permian Basin.

That means the demand for sand is skyrocketing to churn out oil and gas as part of the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, process.

The industry is moving quickly to produce more sand than ever to meet the demand of an oil and gas sector that is using up to 20 times more sand per well than it did during the peak of the last energy boom.

Across the state, already home to nearly 10 frac sand mines, operators are moving to expand or open new facilities, setting the stage for Texas to become a bigger player - and competitor - in an industry long dominated by purer Wisconsin and Minnesota sands.
At the link above you can check out how the mining process works.

Of course, the anti energy left thinks deserts are "pristine" and they oppose any aspect of oil and gas production.  The number of mines shows just energetic the oil business is in the Permian Basin.  The Texas mines cut the transportation cost of fracking sand.  It is another aspect of how the frackers have lowered cost of production.


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