Democrats denying commission access to public information on voting rolls

Washington Times:

Mr. Kobach calls the information he is seeking basic public information — and, indeed, many states sell their voter data to political parties, candidates, researchers, nonprofits and even the general public.

“It’s idiotic,” Mr. Kobach told The Washington Times. “These states make the information available to the public, but they don’t want a presidential commission to take a serious look at it? That makes no sense at all.”

He said the commission wants the information so it can run names against each other and against several federal databases.

Checking the lists would help elucidate how many people are registered in multiple places, while the federal databases would help identify names on the rolls who are noncitizens or who have died, according to the government’s Death Master File — the Social Security Administration’s repository.

Mr. Kobach’s request letter also asked states to provide details about their voting and registration laws.
Democrats do not want to keep illegals from voting and their voters from voting more than once.  They don't want to keep dead voters from voting.  They don't want to keep fictitious votes from voting.


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