As I understand the plot....

NY Times:

Email Specifies Tie to Moscow in Effort to ‘Incriminate Hillary’

  • Messages reviewed by The Times offer a vivid unspooling of how the meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer came about last year.
  • They show just how eager Donald Trump Jr. was to accept what he was explicitly told was the Russian government’s help in his father’s campaign against Hillary Clinton.
OK, so the plot was for the Russians to trick the Trump team into a meeting suggesting they have dirt on Hillary and then they send a lawyer who says she has no dirt on Hillary.  Are they that stupid or clever?

An alternative theory that makes more sense is that this lawyer wanted a meeting to push her Russian adoption agenda and she persuaded some people who know the Trump's to tease them into that meeting with an offer of info on a political opponent.  Perhaps they were going to give them the same BS they gave the Fusion GPS operative that he put in the dirty dossier.   In other words, they were playing both sides in their attempt to mess with the election.

That theory makes much more sense than the conspiracy theories being weaved on the left about this meeting.  If this theory is correct, then the media is playing into their hands by trying to delegitimize the President because they don't like him.


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