The media's misleading treatment of scoring on healthcare law

Washington Examiner:
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise on Monday evening said the Congressional Budget Office's calculations of how many Americans would lose healthcare coverage has been misinterpreted by the media.

"What CBO said is if given the option, which our bill - we actually give people freedom - you don't have to get on Obamacare. You can get off of Obamacare and what CBO is estimating is even with taxpayer subsidies, they think 14 million people just next year will get off of Obamacare if given the choice," Scalise told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Media reports on Monday touted CBO's finding that 24 million people will be dropped from their health insurance in the next 10 years. Scalise said millions will choose to get off Obamacare and find private insurance because they now have the freedom to do so.

"That's not lost coverage, that's not throwing anybody off, but CBO calls that lost coverage. To me, that just means you had the freedom to say that 'I don't want to be on Obamacare anymore and I got to make that choice for my family,'" Scalise said.
I think PrairiePundit was the first to make this observation.  Given a choice, many will seek something other than a terrible Obamacare plan that costs as much as a mortgage even with a high deductible.

Meanwhile, some in the House seem to be embracing the approach pushed by Ted Cruz which would get around a more restrictive reading of the Senate rules to allow more changes to Obamacare.


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