In Africa famine is a war strategy and not a byproduct of war

Washington Post:
Famines, refugees and a skeptical Trump: The new U.N. leader on what may be the world’s hardest job

In a wide-ranging interview with The Post, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the U.N. dilemmas at one of the most challenging moments in its history, in which it faces a huge gap between humanitarian needs and U.N. funds — and a Trump administration that may slash aid.
The mistake the US and the UN made in the Somali intervention that led to the Blackhawk Down situation was to assume the famine was a byproduct of the war between the factions.  In fact, it was a deliberate attempt to win that war and by intervening led to the attacks on the "humanitarian operations."  The US and the UN should be wary of repeating that mistake.


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