Texas leads US in green energy production as well as oil and gas

It’s a little known fact that Texas, the nation’s largest fossil fuel producer, is also the greenest green-energy state in the United States.

That title was confirmed again today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its latest “Today in Energy” report for June 23. On March 26, for a few brief moments, 29 percent of all the electricity used across Texas’ massive, state-run ERCOT power grid — 10,296 megawatts — was produced by wind power from the state’s huge 12,355 Mw capacity. That’s a new record.

Texas is by far the nation’s largest producer of wind power, thanks to strong winds sweeping across west Texas ranch lands. Texas produces one-fifth of the entire U.S. non-hydro, renewable electrical output — twice as much as California, the second greenest state. 

After research and anticipating growth, ERCOT partitioned the state into competitive renewable energy zones of high solar and wind potential and invested $6 billion into a massive electric power grid upgrade to carry electricity from the zones where it is produced to large urban centers in east Texas where it is used.

The grid upgrade is designed to handle 18,000 Mw of wind and solar capacity, so there is still room to handle more growth in renewable power production.
There is more.

The feds have not been as good about building the infrastructure needed to get the wind power to markets where it is needed.


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