Democrat empathy for the taxman

Leon Wolf:
Getting audited by the IRS is, to put it bluntly, a life-ruining experience. More to the point, there is virtually no such thing as a pleasant interaction with the IRS under any circumstance. Everyone hates the surly workers, the unpleasant attitudes, the inherent suspicion towards everything you have ever done or said. What sort of person would take the side of the giant, tax collecting, life ruining behemoth? Via Twitchy comes this insane video of Democrat Elijah Cummings on the verge of tears at the shameful, shameful treatment being given the IRS commissioner at Congressional hearings....

Keep in mind, the grilling given Koskinen is less substantial than the grilling given average taxpayers at any single one of the tens of thousands of audits the IRS conducts every year. And unlike the targets of those audits, Koskinen faces no possibility that he will be slapped with fines, penalties, or criminal sanctions – the prospect of unpleasant questions is literally all he faces. It is difficult to imagine a less sympathetic target or the tone deafness that could lead to an elected official being indignant at his treatment.
I think Cummings was one of those Democrats responsible for pushing the IRS abuse of Tea Party groups.  He was directly active in the pursuit of True the Vote in Texas.  He was in effect a co conspirator in the abuse and he must know that as things begin to unravel for the IRS cover up, the trail is going to lead back to him and other Democrats who wanted the IRS to attack their political opposition.


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