A tainted victory for GOP establishment in Misissippi

NY Times:

Voter-Fraud Claims and Activist’s Suicide Add to Turmoil in Mississippi

The primary fight between Senator Thad Cochran and his Tea Party challenger descended into voter fraud accusations, and a tragic note was introduced when a Tea Party leader committed suicide.
The vote fraud allegations are also a product of the unethical race baiting campaign of Tea Party opponents who made bogus claims of racism  in order to get black Democrats to vote against McDaniel.  The fliers and robo calls were disgusting and untrue, but they pushed some people who had voted in the Democrat primary to illegally vote in the Republican runoff.  It maybe a Pyrrhic victory for the establishment.  At this point they also appear to be resisting a review of the voter roles in some areas in order to cover up the vote fraud.  I think the disgust runs pretty deep at this point.


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