Some evidence of Obama-IRS collusion on targeting

Bryan Preston:
The email is from September 2010, but the presidential campaign was already in full swing.

In the email, IRS tax-exempt official Sarah Hall Ingram tells her cohorts, including Lois Lerner, about a coordinated media campaign against the Citizens United decision. Ingram praises that campaign, and demonstrates foreknowledge of what is to come.

In the email, Ingram says “The ‘secret donor’ theme will continue — see Obama salvo and today’s Diane Reehm (sp).”
Ingram certainly was in contact with the Obama White House. She made 165 visits there during the IRS targeting period....
Ingram has since retired, but the tenor of her email suggest she and Lois Learner were eager to push the President's anti Tea Party agenda.  It appears that at those 165 meeting there was discussion beyond the implementation of Obamacare.


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