Whatever he gets is longer than he deserves

NY Times:

For Second-Term Presidents, a Shorter Honeymoon

Presidents once enjoyed a “honeymoon period” at the beginning of their second term, with many Americans who did not vote for them still expressing their best wishes. Not anymore.
Because his signature accomplishments were unpopular and in the case of health care despised by a majority of voters, Obama ran one of the most divisive and dishonest campaigns in my memory.  Instead of engaging in an honest debate, Obama responded to challenges with snark and derision.   Wine the election we learn that Mitt Romney was right about Jeep production in China and was right about events in Mali, which Obama tried to hide.  

Instead of washing Boehner's car and walking McConnell's dog as he promised Obama has gone out of his way to insult Republicans and make clear he will not negotiate in good faith with them.  With his record of a dishonest and deceitful campaign, it is not surprising there is little in the way of good will left for him.


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