What happened to the Obama who was going to wash Boehner's care and walk McConnell's dog?

He was being dishonest with voters who wanted bipartisanship.

Peggy Noonan writes:
The president didn't allow his victory to go unsullied. Right up to the end he taunted the Republicans in Congress: They have a problem saying yes to him, normal folks try to sit down and work it out, not everyone gets everything they want. But he got what he wanted, as surely he knew he would, and Republicans got almost nothing they wanted, which was also in the cards. At Mr. Obama's campfire, he gets to sing "Kumbaya" solo while others nod to the beat. 
Serious men don't taunt. And they don't farm the job of negotiating out to the vice president because no one can get anything done with the president. Some Republican said, "He couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag." But—isn't this clear by now?—not negotiating is his way of negotiating. And it kind of worked. So expect more.
The President carries himself as an arrogant jerk, and this kind of conduct will come back to haunt him when he really wants something important from the people he taunts and denigrates.  Trash talking may be fun on the basketball court, but in politics it backfires.  It is not how you get to yes.   The Speaker has already indicated that he will not waste his time negotiating with him.  Obama was a terrible negotiator who really didn't get all he wanted.  In fact the left was complaining about some of the things Biden evidently agree too.

We now know that Obama and Harry Reid are not worth wasting time negotiating with.  It has be be scary that Joe Biden is seen as voice of reason in the Democrat party.

But, when it comes to getting an agreement on the debt limit who will Obama call?  And, who will bother to return his call.


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