'Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.'

The quote is from Winston Churchill.  He was a man who saw both success and failure over a full life some of which he called "the wilderness years" when he was warning of the impending danger of Nazi aggression and few were willing to listen, yet he persisted and when truth became too self evident to ignore he was finally called in to save the world from a wicked aggressor.

Since the election of Obama to a second term many in the media who do not have the interest of conservative Republicans at heart have written about a disarray in the GOP ranks.   Don't let such talk get you down.   We will eventually win because liberalism as practiced by the modern Democrat party is a failure in practice and the more it is tried the worse things get.

Right now the most effective resistance of liberals is at the state level where it is clear that conservative ideas and practices are superior.  Resisting the liberal fascism of the Obama administration will take time and effort, but no defeat is permanent.  There is no clock that says the contest is over because of one setback.

One of the important things to remember is who the adversary is and to focus our efforts in defeating him politically and in some cases in the courts.

BTW, John Hawkins has compiled a list for 40 of Churchill's most interesting statements.  There maybe some in there that will inspire you.


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