People are fleeing the forced union states

Like some sort of STD communicable disease, as they have for decades, Americans are still finding union-dominated states that force workers to pay unions (or be fired) very unattractive to live in and, as a result, are leaving by the droves 
.According to an annual study conducted by the moving company United Van Lines, the top ten states that Americans are fleeing from continue to be those states that do not have Right-to-Work laws.
In fact, according to UVL’s studythe Top Ten states with the highest outbound traffic are forced-unionism states:
The top-five outbound states for 2012 were:
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • West Virginia
  • New York
  • New Mexico
Typically, where there are laws giving union bosses the power to force workers to pay unions or be fired, union bosses also have the power to get politicians elected that will raise taxes and enact legislation that make the state unattractive to running a business.
As a result, when businesses find a state hostile to business, they either close or move–leaving fewer jobs in the state.
In the states where the legislature has recently changed from forced unions to fight to work, the unions has thrown hissy fits and tried to intimidate legislators.  It is not working,  Smart governors who are trying to improve the climate for jobs see that the best way forward it to proved workers and employers with a right to work law.


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