About that Unaffordable Care Act

NY Times:

Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits

Even though regulators are required by the new health care law to review requests for a large rate increases, many states have not given the overseers any authority to deny or roll back rates that are deemed excessive.
There should be no surprise that rates are going up.  The law requires companies to keep children on the policy longer and to cover preexisting conditions.  When you add coverage, you should expect to pay more.  On top of that , more regulations are piled on top of the insurers and the providers which also drives up cost.  Then there are the taxes on medical devices which also drives up the cost of insurance.

To call this law "The Affordable Care Act" is a fraud on its face.  It is only a good deal for sick kids under a certain age and for people whose preexisting condition is now covered.  For everyone else, it sucks.


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