Trying to deligitimtize opposition to Obama

From the Washington Post Opinion section:

The far right’s contemptible myths

 Bouie: Many conservatives think Obama is Muslim
The first story is about the birthers beliefs.  I think this is an attempt to make opposition to Obama look fringe.  I have never believed the birther narrative.  It never made any sense to me.  The Muslim musings are probably based more on his name and his father's religion. Now Obama did attend a church in Chicago that had some weird racist teachings from his close friend the Rev. Wright.  Obama professes to be a Christian and that is between him and God at this point.

But I am not voting against Obama for any of the reasons given in these two opinion pieces.  I am voting against him, because I oppose his policies and I am not going to be dissuaded from that by articles like this.  I don't have to agree with everything people on the GOP side say, including Mitt Romney, to vote against Obama.


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