Brotherhood not successful at allaying fears

NY Times:

Egypt’s Islamists Tread Lightly, but Skeptics Squirm

President Mohamed Morsi has made no apologies for his Islamism, but he seems to be going out of his way to allay fears that the Muslim Brotherhood would radically change Egypt.
From the Copt Christians in Egypt to the women who are being required to wear funny clothes, to the men required to wear long beards, I would say Morsi has been an abject failure at allaying fears of how the Islamic religious bigots will rule.  In this country, many conservatives also see a future enemy when they see how the Brotherhood expresses its enmity toward Israel, and they also see attempts to undermine the US at home through organizations like CAIR.  The media has and many Republican and Democrat figures have made a mistake in dismissing the concerns about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on US foreign policy.

The same people who dismiss the evils of Shari'a Law have no meaningful response when they watch the Islamist who took over Mali impose that law with its harsh  cruel and unusual punishments on that wretched country.  That imposition has already led to the dislocation of a large number of the population of Mali.

The fundamental problem with the Muslim Brotherhood is that they are Islamic supremacist.  They are intolerant of other faiths and other groups of Muslims.  If we deny this reality, we will likely be looking at a country as wicked as Iran as they consolidate power in Egypt.  They may try to present themselves as the one-eyed jack of Egyptian politics, but we are already seeing the other side of that face.


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