Muslims plot terror in Canada?

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Three Canadians arrested in an alleged terrorist conspiracy had bomb parts and plans and posed a "real and serious threat", Canadian police have said.

The trio, arrested this week, were charged with supporting terrorism.

Hiva Alizadeh and Misbahuddin Ahmed were jailed following a court appearance on Thursday.

Also arrested was Khurram Sher, who according to the Toronto Star newspaper sang and danced in an audition for the Canadian Idol television programme.

Police said Mr Alizadeh, 30, Mr Ahmed, 26, and Mr Sher, 28, face charges of conspiracy to facilitate terrorism, with Mr Alizadeh also charged with providing or making property available for a terrorist organisation and possession of explosives.

Mr Alizadeh and Mr Ahmed are residents of Ottawa, and Mr Sher is a resident of London, Ontario.

The lead investigator in the case, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chief Superintendent Serge Therriault, said police had arrested the three suspects this week because they believed an attack was imminent.


He said the group had sought to support anti-coalition fighters in Afghanistan. It was unclear whether the group planned attacks in Canada.

They could be Muslim terrorist. The names suggest Muslim origin and then there is their alleged support for Afghan terrorist who are all Muslims. There was no mention of them being upset about opposition in the US to a Ground Zero mosque.
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