Al Qaeda tries to get Saudi troops to betray kingdom

Bill Roggio:

In a nearly 15-minute audio tape released in early August, Said al Shihri, one of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) top leaders, tried to convince Saudi soldiers and security officers to serve al Qaeda. Al Shihri set forth a dozen reasons why Saudi citizens should betray the royals, and he offered a cursory plan for doing so.

Al Shihri said it should be “easy” to overthrow the House of Saud if his plan is followed.

Al Shihri called for willing recruits to form cells that can attract logistical support from members of the Saudi Air Force, Army, and office of the Interior Ministry. Al Shihri urged guards for the Saudi royals to turn on “the tyrant princes” and “kill them.” Those in charge of security at “weapons warehouses” inside the Kingdom and employees of the Interior Ministry are especially valuable recruits, al Shihri said.

Operational cells should also perform surveillance on “important targets” inside the Kingdom, al Shihiri advised, according to a translation of the tape obtained by the Long War Journal.

Al Shirhi’s tape is the just the latest example of how the Saudis’ rehabilitation program for former Gitmo detainees and other jihadists has faltered. Al Shihri was captured in northern Pakistan in late 2001 and handed over to American authorities. He was detained at Guantanamo until Nov. 9, 2007, when he was repatriated to the Saudis.

There is more.

The Saudi program did not work on this guy--at all. But he is obviously in need of more troops and hopes to find them already trained by the Saudis. I think the chances of a significant number of Saudis going over to al Qaeda is remote. I do not know of any so far.


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