Move interesting developments in Iran

Washington Times:


The new Iranian drone bomber, which looks strikingly like a modified version of a Nazi V-1 rocket, was hailed by Tehran in Orwellian terms as "an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, [which] has a main message of peace and friendship." Iranian drones are an increasing threat. In March, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said in congressional testimony that Iranian drones are "a concern because it is one of these areas where, if they chose to - in Iraq, in Afghanistan - they could create difficulties for us." The Tehran Times gloated that Mr. Gates was just "envious" of Iran's drone program.

Some action seems to be occurring under the public radar screen, suggesting other countries are paying attention. There are unconfirmed reports that Reza Baruni, the mastermind of Iran's drone program, was assassinated earlier this month when his heavily guarded villa in southern Iran was bombed. On the same day, three unarmed drone aircraft reportedly crashed into the containment dome of the Bushehr reactor, causing minor panic among townspeople. Perhaps "unacceptable" means something after all.
I have seen other reports that the drones were actually shot down by the Iranians because their air defense forces were not told the drones were there's. Perhaps both stories are true.


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