Elderly left to starve in UK rationed health care


ELDERLY patients are at risk of malnutrition in hospital because they are being left to go hungry on NHS wards, a new report warns today.

Those who enter hospital malnourished can get worse during their stay or become malnourished under the care of NHS staff.

The report from the charity Age UK found almost one in three nurses believes their own relative could enter hospital with nobody noticing they were malnourished.

The charity found instances of food trays left out of reach of patients while those at risk of choking were not given puréed food.

The charity has also heard of elderly people receiving no help with cutting food into smaller pieces or opening lids on containers.

Food trays are also sometimes taken away untouched without any questions, according to the report.

This is what Obama's man in charge of Medicare aspires to? It is the kind of thing that can happen where there is no alternative competitor to turn to. It is what happens when the state has a monopoly on health care. This is rationed health care taken to a genocidal extreme.


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