Mexico fires 10% of its police for corruption


The federal police force in Mexico says it has sacked almost 10% of its officers this year for corruption, incompetence or links to criminals.

Commissioner Facundo Rosas said 3,200 officers had been fired.

More than 1,000 others were facing disciplinary action and could also lose their jobs, he added.

In a separate development, a shoot-out between troops in Veracruz state and a suspected drugs gang has left six gunmen and one soldier dead.

The firefight, in the town of Panuco, started when the soldiers went to investigate a house used by the alleged drug traffickers.

Announcing the dismissals, Mr Rosas said none of the sacked officers would be allowed to work in police forces at local, state or federal levels.

The probably did not get all the bad ones. Those who were fired will probably wind up working full time for a cartel rather than moonlighting with the cops. The cartels will further augment their work force with the criminal aliens ICE is deporting.


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