Obama leaves his Chicago church

Gateway Pundit has several links to Obama's decision to leave Trinity United Church of Christ. I can't say I blame him.

They have embarrassed him repeatedly during this campaign. But their real sin is to expose what a fraud his message of unity has been.

If he can't bring the people he worshiped with for 20 years to reason on issues of race and common sense, how can he bring people who are not his friends together? By leaving he accepts his failure.

Jeff Zeleny at the NY Times Caucus blog says:


Mr. Obama, as he prepares for a general election campaign against Senator John McCain, was seeking to put the controversy over his church behind him. It remains an open question whether this move will do that or will simply draw more attention to his decision to be a member of the church for two decades.
I think he is correct. He will be asked what he did in his 20 year association with the church to heal the racial scabs that many in the church kept picking at. What all the controversy has done is expose some of the ugliness of Black Liberation Theology. In doing that, the controversy has at least been worthwhile.

I do find the timing of his decision interesting. He waited until after the DNC cut Hillary's Florida and Michigan vote in half. Would there decision have been different if he had made this decision on Monday? Who knows. Many of the members of the DNC were already in the tank for him like much of the media.


  1. He is so self centered that he can do anything to get power. How can I trust this person? I am very much disappointed that people with whom he was for 20 year (from Muslim days).
    When he says, 'Change' it mean flip flop to get in Power.

  2. The Black community remains a racially biased voting block. The community action training (read this as how do we get ours from "the man")is what has propelled Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,Jeremiah Wright and other successful black pastors, and guys like Barack Obama who can deliver votes to candidates that will pander.

    Its a case of the greedy leading the blind. Judas goats have a peer.

    What a shame to waste that much talent.
    Joe D

  3. I believe Mr. Obama is like-minded with the teachings at Trinity Unity Church. I believe this because of his words and his behavior. His weak apologies, to the American people re Wright and then to Hillary Clinton re Pfleger, as well as the timing to distance himself from these individuals, and now the Church. Only when it has threatened his political position has he acted. I am left to conclude that his actions and statements reflect an individual that really doesn’t understand that this is horribly wrong.


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